1.) The Swiss army knife is one of Switzerland's proudest exports. That is until Mario Steinemann popped into the scene. Like the knife, you are both multifunctional and also both a tool. How did you start skateboarding and why did you choose freestyle?.......especially when you know freestylers don't get girls?

To take a break from pixelated 56k Porn videos back in the day, I was playing a lot of THPS 2. Then I was hooked onto skateboarding... looks cool and gets you a lot of chicks without slipping pills in alcoholic beverages.
Why i chose freestyle ? like everyone else: not enough balls to skate obstacles of course!  And those old Rodney videos are pure magic; almost on par with my asian gangbang videos.

2.) You have some solid butterflip variations. Everyone has their specialty tricks. What would you say is yours and why? Please share with us how you have setup your skateboard to cater to these tricks? What is your weapon of choice?

Most Butt-erflip variations just feel very natural and comfortable to me. I love them in all possible variations. One of my specialty tricks is probably the tailstop 360 underflip to tail. Pretty hard trick that needs a lot of precision, but feels utterly satisfying when nailed. Also thrown sidewinder, not because it is really that hard, but done by someone big as me is a challenge............ "Size only matters when you're a full grown, baby!"

I love my signature decks from Decomposed: double kick simmetrical, mid concave, 7.25 x 28.5" Wheelbase: 12.25. This is my perfect formula for a great all round deck, from old school to new school tricks, stationary, rolling.........etc.
Paired with Indy, Bullet 110mm or Ace 00 trucks and some MOMENTUM & SKULL SKATES wheels: perfect to fit the 7.25 width and exceptional stability for rail tricks. I use Yoyo skid plates.

3.) Some freestylers wear shinguards and some don't. Eitherway, one thing is certain. We all get bashed in the shin. You have always used one. Do you have fractured shin bone spurs or are you just a member of the 'Hello Kitty' fan club?

Proud member of the Hello Kitty fan club! And who doesn't love the smell of sweat soaked shin guards . I'm not a masochist. If i want to get hurt, i would probably jump in a cage with Keith Renna.

4.) Describe the freestyle scene in Switzerland. How many street skaters versus freestylers are there? You have several video series with Marco Sassi on YouTube. How did you guys find each other and how often do you skate together?

The scene had his up and downs in Switzerland. Right now there are pretty much a few wet farts left: Tonino Candela, Nenad Kocic, Rademaker and me . Street skating, like everywhere else, is way bigger.
Marco Sassi skates at the local park where i used to live in Italy in a place called Maccagno. It is only 35 minutes drive from my place.  Very beautiful skate park at the lake, chicks in bikinis in summer, great smooth and grippy surface. So we skate about once or twice a month together. For new video projects, we also meet elsewhere. One of the spots is a big sports center where i live in Tenero, Switzerland.

5.) You seem to make frequent visits to Japan. Describe the freestyle scene there through the eyes of a foreigner. Do you hookup with any of the local skaters there?

It's amazing how big it is with very talented skaters. Their skill level is impressive along with a variety of styles. They have successfully bridged the gap between street tech skating and freestyle. Even more impressive is the fact that a lot of them are way over 30, if not 40 and they still kick ass and push new boundaries. I also have good connections with the Fujii brothers, Mic and Moichi. I always have a blast at their contest or even a great skate session near the Nissan Stadium at Shin Yokohama. A good advice for my skate friends: Japan is very worthwhile for visit (and not only for skateboarding..... )