1.) It's always good to see younger kids freestyle these days. How long have you been skating, how did you start skateboarding, and why did you choose to freestyle over other styles like street or vert?

I've been skating for more than 5 years, started when I was at 8.
I enjoyed riding the gears like "J board" or "Ripstik" and free skates before I started skateboarding. And one day, when I searched trick videos for those kind of gears on Youtube with my father, we found unbelievable skateboarding video. It amazed and impressed me so much that I came to want to try that style of skateboarding. That was a Rodney Mullen's video. This was the first skateboarding video I had ever watched then. That's why I chose freestyle.

2.) How often do you skate a day and what motivates you to keep skating? Do you think you are gifted as a skateboarder or do you have to work very hard to learn your tricks?

Usually, on week days, I skate for 2~4 hours after school, and skate all day long on holidays.
I'm very happy when I learn new tricks. I also am happy when I can make people who see my skating have fun, and they give me a big hand. And many people support me and cheer for me. Those things motivate me.
I think I might be gifted. But being gifted is not enough. I have to take long time for practicing not only to learn tricks but also not to make mistake in my competition runs or shows. Also, to make my mind strong when I feel pressure. I need a lot of practicing to be like a skateboarding machine.

3.) You go through a lot of equipment because of how much you skate. Approximately, how many decks, trucks and wheels have you destroyed? More than Godzilla, I hope.

Well...I guess I have worn out more than 70 decks. But I never throw them away because I draw my art on all of them.
As for the trucks, I usually change them when I appear on TV shows or stage performance, take part in the competitions and important shootings and so on. Maybe have changed about 15 sets. And for wheels, more than 25 sets, I guess. Maybe...destroyed like Mothra!?

4.) Most freestylers practice alone. Do you mostly skate with friends or by yourself? What are your other hobbies besides skateboarding?

I usually skate alone, but my father who takes me to the skate parks or flat spots in his car is with me there. He doesn't skate, takes videos or gives me advices while I skate. Sometimes on holidays, I skate with freestyler friends and have fun session with them, at other times, I skate with street skaters, inline skaters, free skate riders, and BMX riders.

5.) Your parents are extremely supportive of your skating. They travel with you to competitions, demos and help promote your videos online. Do you ever get tired of skating or do you enjoy it so much that you can never get enough of it?

Yes, my parents support me so much! I really appreciate them. When I practice routine again and again before competitions, I get nervous and feel a little tired of skating. But after the competition is over, I absolutely feel free like I get wings, many ideas of tricks come to my mind and so I can skate all day long without being tired!