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Will you help me install the skids?

Yes, we can do it for free. All you do have to purchase griptape (along with deck and skid) because the hardware goes above the grip. We can also install a complete setup for free.


How long will shipping take?

On average, right after payment, about 3-5 days within USA and 5-10 days for foreign orders.  


Should I get a single kick or a double kick?

The easiest answer is to experience it all and see which one you like. Traditionally, freestyle decks are single kick with no concave. Both have it's advantages and disadvantages.


When I get new trucks, should I get new bushings?
Yes, this is highly recommended because mose freestylers skate hard to X-tra hard bushings. The Bushings we stock are also of a much higher quality that the ones that comes with the trucks.


How do I make my wheels more offset as it wears down?

Put some washers between the wheel and the hanger of your trucks to push the wheel out furthur, therefore shortening the axle sticking out.


How do pogo bolts work?

The extra bolt sticking out will act as a base for your foot to stand on. The thread also provides grip.


What bearings should I get?

There is no definite answer to this. Many factors come into consideration; how smooth they are, how long they stay smooth and how strong they are.


Do I need Coffin Screws?

If you do alot of pogos or truckstands especially on a rough surface, it is highly recommended!!!  It prevents the layers of plywood on your deck from splitting.Free installation if you buy a deck.


What is 'old school hole' pattern?

This refers to a slightly larger hole positioning on the trucks and will not fit any Decomposed deck unless you redrill 4 extra holes on the deck. All decks from the 80s have old school hole patterns.