Tough axle washers

Slightly beveled

Push your wheels out to reduce the length of truck axle sticking out

Help extend the life of your wheels

Works like any other washer


$1 (set of 5)





Helps push your wheels out making it last longer

Thinner: to help you fine tune your offset


$1 (set of 5)

MINI LOGO  axle washers

Helps push your wheels out making it last longer

Slightly thicker than regular washers

$1 (set of 5)

INDEPENDENT 1" hardware

Specified to the highest standards

Extended unthreaded shafts = minimal board damage

Guaranteed not to break

Contains 6 black & 2 gold bolts with 8 gold nuts, decal, & recyclable packaging.






Ballistic hardware

Industrial quality hardware

Choose 1" (no risers) or 1.25" (with risers)



KRUX down low kingpin

watch video

4mm lower than standard kinpins

4 grams lighter than standard kinpins

No top washer required





Pogo Bolts 3.0

Helps your shoe grip onto the truck during pogos

Strong and sturdy !






DECOMPOSED wood screws

Anti - Delaminating Screw

NEW and stronger version

Helps prevent wood from splitting

Sunken heads wont affect caspers


$2.50 (set of 10)

(FREE installation)




Sexbolts for skids

Bigger and stronger

Stainless steel !!


$1.50 (set of 2)



Bearing spacers

Help align both bearings 




watch video


Helps with 'grab' tricks

Light weight !

Smooth rounded design

Comes with NEW stronger hardware

3.5" / 9cm



Choose white, purple or green


Bushing Washers

Top 7/8" washer

Bottom 1 1/8" washers

For 2 trucks




Replacement axle nuts

For hardcore freestylers who grind down their nuts


$1.99 (set of 4)


pivot cups

Increase the response of your trucks

Replace your damaged cups


$1.99 (set of 2)


White adhesive fabric finger tape 1.5" x 288"

watch video

Protects your fingers from scrapes and cuts from fingerflips, pogos, handplants,….etc

Provides grip for fingerflips