1.) I hope the readers saved their appetite because here is Albert from Hungary. Ok, off to a bad start with a horrible joke. Let's try again. How did you start skateboarding and please describe the scene in Hungary.

:) I've started because of a video on EuroSport about Rodney. Later I also saw and played Tony Hawk's pro skater 2 of course.. :) I've started with I don't even know what. It was street related but I dabbled with freestyle tricks. later of course, I decided to go on the freestyle route. Basically, I just went out and do 'crap' which turned out to be good for some people. :D Didn't really care about anyone or anything just wanted to make unique movements, and not copy others. The scene in Hungary has dropped, like worldwide. So today I think Zoltán is the only one who is skating here. :( That's sad.

2.) You were one of the most active freestylers years back and even helped launch the Decomposed facebook page. You seem to have dropped out of the freestyle scene. How often do you skate these days? I heard you've had some roadblocks due to injury.

Yeah I was really motivated all the time. I skated at midnights, before my regular job, as well as after. You know the rule: go big or go home. :) Unfortunately, now I have to partly go home :D  Yeah it really sucks I have Spinal Hernia. One of my discs is cracked, so I wasn't able to walk for 2 weeks etc.. That's kinda sucks. I started to skate less and I had more and more problems. Skating is killing me, but the same when I'm not skating. I have the same proactive mind at my job so pushing the limits etc, this also took a lot of skateboarding time away from me.

3.) I have to say that most freestylers out there today, lack creativity. You stand out, as you have style and originality. You have an exceptional ability to shuffle some of the best footwork out there with ease and speed. How often did you skate and how did you develop your style? Is it from watching Michael Jackson dance videos?

I think finaly some people started to make new stuff and not just copy Rodney's tricks. I think because these days, we have more contests where people are starting to influence each other at contests. I think it's really cool! :) But yeah.....to be honest a carousel don't really make me "ohh an insane trick", you know. But when I see like Takashi Suzuki.... omg.. :D What he is doing is out of this planet! What drugs is he using? :D Insane guy! Same goes to Marco Sassi! I think these are the people who will be never be TOP at competitions because they don't preactice lines for a contest like most of the freestylers. They just go out and push their own limits without a care in the world about scores or anything. And if you notice, Marco have a different run at every contest and every run. So he don't really care about best round counts etc, he goes there and rips. :) Love these guys! This is the freestyle skateboarding what I like. FREE...

4.) You had some very interesting graphics on your pro models. Please tell us more about the Eyeball in a container and the mutant caveman model.

All of the graphics came from my friends. Some of them was done because I wanted to help them out to have a really unique paragraph in their resume and get a better job :) And funny but it's worked out quite well!!! :) So I'm happy about that!

5.) What is your setup like? My guess is that you must have extremely tight trucks for those quick linking tricks.

Setup is of course the Decomposed Albert Kuncz Model. 7,35. quite close to Frank Lavallee deck just a bit more wheelbase.Truck are still the BULLET trucks because I broke all the independent ones. Wheels are the best on the planet no question about it, Kevin Harris Mommentum wheels. Bearings are stil the bones ceramics. Over 10 years old.... I don't even know how is this possible. :)

Note: Just want to say thank you for Witter to being a good guy helping freestylers. We all know it's not about money, it's about passion. Thank you for Kevin Harris and Monty for the Vancouver contest, I think that's made a huge step. And I'm not speaking only about skateboarding, even in my life. How I see people, how I feel about people. Can you imagine someone who has never even heared about you and let you to live with them for 2 weeks? :D  And of course I want to say thank you for Christian Heise.... He is the guy. And not more or less. :)