1. Your early VHS tapes (before youtube) influenced me to get deeper into freestyle. You are the Godfather of combos and definitely one of the first to do a ton of them and most importantly, to get them on film. Thank you for playing a big part in freestyle's history. Who were your influences and why were you attracted to this style of 'stationary' filming'. You started a movement!

Thanks for the kind words man, greatly appreciate it. My early influences would be Reggie Barnes and Mullen or course. The stationary filming just came out of the fact that I didn't have anyone that could film me all the time. So it was pretty easy to set the tripod up, press record, and have at it.

2. You had an interesting pro model shape when you were in East Coast Skates and Outlook. A ton of intense tricks were film on that shape. How did you come up with that shape?

Lol, I didn't. It was a stock shape already made by Sambo if I remember correctly (Ed: Sambo knew Reggie and had the original deck he used to template multiples of that shape for years, which is in the Decomposed museum now). Jamie at East Coast and Vince at OutLook just had access to it I think. I was not too picky about shapes, just kinda thankful that it worked and freestyle decks were being produced. It was almost identical to the Walker/ Reggie Barnes shape.

3. How did you get on East Coast and later on Outlook?

On East Coast? That is where I would buy the freestyle decks. As I begin to learn back my old stuff and learn new stuff I would go through a ton of decks. Then as I would go check out local skate contests and demos I would do my freestyle stuff off on the side. It never failed... I would always have folks come up and chat and they would ask "Where did you get that skateboard?" So I told Jamie and his wife Tammy that and one thing lead to another and I was on flow, then East Coast, then Capital. I guess it was around 2002/2003 and I didn't feel like things were working out with Jamie at East Coast and started talking to Vince at OutLook. If I remember correctly, Keith Renna was already on the team and I would ask how he liked it. Vince sent me some decks and wheels to make sure I liked them before I jumped ship. I did, and worked all the details out with Vince. Then called Jamie and just told him thanks for the opportunity, but I was going to skate for OutLook. Jamie then threatened me by saying "We can settle this in person, be on the lookout for me at your next event." Whatever I guess. Then in 2005 when I opened up my skateboard shop/ park and began skating a 7.75 popsicle shape I simply told Vince thanks for the opportunity, but there was no need to have me on the team and for him to spend money on me when I was not skating that shape or wheel anymore. He flipped out too! Oh well. Cash me outside how bow dah.

4. Did you stop skating in the 90s like most people did when freestyle died? It didnt seem like you did because you were already ridiculously good in 2001.

I did stop skating for a few years. When I was in the 10th grade, late 91 until 97 ish. It felt strange seeing all these pro freestylers go away or start making street decks, and the fall of Powell Peralta. When I moved back to Raleigh from Wilmington in 98... skateboarding was everywhere... it was huge! I had my last freestyle board still set up. A white Joe Humeres from Walker. It was beat to hell, but I still could do a lot of my old stuff. I also have my very last mint Don Brown from Vision. I set that up and it was awesome getting on a brand new freestyle deck in 1998.

5. You had quite a few pro models over the years. How many did you have exactly and could you give us a quick run down behind each graphic?

The first and second were from East Coast. NC State Flag and then USA Flag. NC was my idea, and I think the USA was Jamie's. It was right after 9/11 so I guess it fit with the times. Then I had one on Capital and I really liked that graphic. Then once on Outlook I had the dog graphic. That was hand drawn by a friend of my cousin (Josh Moore). I was kind of a shout out to the Walker/ Barnes graphic... and my dog who had recently passed away Bear. Vince did that graphic on a ton of different deck colors. Then the second OutLook graphic was kinda making fun of myself and freestyle all in one. It was a take on the Vision/ Don Brown graphic which I skated a ton of when I was on Vision. Plus it had dancing ballerinas to poke fun even more. Then Decomposed dropped a dope Killer Bee graphic for me a few years after that. I think that is about it. Thanks for the interview!